Q & A and You: IPERS Answers Timely Member Questions

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IPERS is dedicated to supporting our members, including answering your most frequently asked questions. Each month IPERS creates the following list of questions members are asking with frequency by phone, email and social media. The list is updated as questions are received. Before you contact IPERS by phone or email, read this page; it may offer the information you need. 

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March 2024

Is IPERS going to stop sending documents by mail?

Annually, IPERS mails millions of pieces of paper, which has environmental and financial consequences.

Beginning in late 2024, IPERS will default ALL members’ document delivery preference to digital. At that time, IPERS will discontinue providing documents via the US Postal Service.

Also at that time, IPERS members will have the opportunity to manage/change their delivery preference by calling IPERS or in My Account. IPERS will notify members when this functionality is available.

IPERS strongly encourages its members to activate the account in My Account. Not only does My Account include all documents, statements and correspondence from IPERS; it also offers a range of resources for IPERS members and retirees. Watch this video for an overview of My Account. Watch this video to learn more about logging in.

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Is the legislature considering a bill that would eliminate the requirement to leave IPERS-covered employment for four months after I retire? (Information as of 3-27-24)
Today the Governor signed HF 2612 that includes a provision to reduce the Bona Fide Retirement (BFR) period to one month for members who retire and are reemployed as licensed teachers ONLY, effective July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2027. Currently, IPERS retirees may not return to work for an IPERS-covered employer in an IPERS-covered position for four months. Read IPERS’ current information about returning to work.

Please note the following:

  • This proposed bill amends the BFR period ONLY for members who retire and return to work as a licensed teacher. 
  • The bill defines licensed teachers per Iowa Code chapter 256.
  • The proposed bill does not change the annual $50,000 earnings limit that applies to reemployed members who are younger than 65 years of age.
  • The proposed bill would apply ONLY to IPERS members who retire between July 1, 2024, and June 30, 2027.

When will I receive my Annual Benefits Statement? 
FY2023 Annual Benefits Statements will begin mailing in batches on approximately March 21, 2024. 


February 2024

I’ve heard there is a bill in the legislature that establishes a cost of living increase for IPERS members. Is that true? (Information as of 2-26-24)
There is one bill (HF 2533) that the legislature is currently considering that would enhance benefits for Sheriff/Deputy Sheriff members ONLY. The benefit enhancements include, 1) Increasing the multiplier that determines the amount of the retirement benefit from a maximum of 72% to a maximum of 80%. 2) Establishing an annual 1.5% COLA. IPERS did not instigate this bill, although we are monitoring it and have provided information about its fiscal impact. IPERS has not registered for or against the bill; IPERS’ role is to implement legislation as directed by the legislature and the Governor. If the bill is successful, Sheriff/Deputy Sheriff members and their employers will likely pay higher contribution rates. No other membership groups will pay for these benefit enhancements. Members who are concerned or have questions about the bill should talk to their local elected official or to their representative(s) on IPERS’ Benefits Advisory Committee. Members may follow the bill on the legislature’s website. IPERS will post updates as they are available.