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Whether you are new to public employment, or if you are a retiree, My Account gives you access to your individual retirement benefits.


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Getting Started
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To log in, you will need your username and password.

New members: You will receive a welcome packet by mail within two months of your first paycheck. The letter contains your username (all usernames begin with the letter "i"). A second letter that includes your password arrives by mail a few days later. If you didn’t receive a welcome packet or didn’t keep your letter, contact us and we’ll help you access My Account.

Current members or retirees: Contact IPERS at 800-622-3849 to receive your username and password.

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Logging in to My Account
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You can use My Account at any point during and after your career in public service.


Even after you retire, My Account includes important information about your IPERS membership.

  • View your benefit payment and contribution history.
  • View and change your tax withholdings.
  • View income verification information.
  • View and change direct deposit information.
  • Assign or change your beneficiary.
  • View a record of the letters and documents you have received from IPERS.
  • Update your contact information.
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My Account Overview


Beneficiaries of deceased IPERS members can also access My Account.

My Account Videos 

Watch our collection of videos designed to walk you through a variety of My Account processes step-by-step. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This is part of the two-factor authentication process. You will need to do this every time you log in to My Account. Two-factor authentication provides a second layer of protection that reconfirms your identity and reduces fraud risks. IPERS began using two-factor authentication in 2018.

My Account and the two-factor authentication process do not support international phone numbers. So members with an international phone number are unable to use My Account.

Yes, all beneficiaries who receive IPERS benefits can access My Account. The month you begin receiving benefit payments, you will receive a letter with your username. A separate letter with a temporary password will follow a few days later. If you need help accessing My Account, contact IPERS at 800-622-3849.

New members receive their username and/or password separately by mail within a few weeks of their first paycheck. If you are a current member or retiree, you can contact IPERS at 800-622-3849 and we will help you access My Account.