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This training helps new reporting officials, or those who have never attended IPERS training, understand their responsibilities and learn where to go for answers. The training covers everything from who is covered by IPERS to wage reporting. We also tackle more complex procedures, such as optional coverage, temporary employment and adjusting wages.

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I-Que is IPERS' secure online employer self-service area. I-Que allows you to:

  • Submit monthly wage reports and wage adjustment reports.
  • View previously submitted wage reports. 
  • Make EFT payments to IPERS.
  • Update employee and employer demographic information (for example, address changes).
  • View employer accounts, statements and documents.
  • Manage online access for those responsible for your organization’s IPERS reporting. 
  • Register for employer training online. 

Additional information is available in the I-Que Help Guide

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Your New Employees
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New employees who are also new members of IPERS will receive a welcome packet in the mail along with their member ID number and My Account username. You can help new members by providing them with a New Member Brochure.
If you have coverage questions about your new employees, consult the Employer Handbook or call the Employer Help Desk.

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Compliance Reviews
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IPERS conducts compliance reviews to ensure organizations are following IPERS regulations. IPERS may schedule a compliance review routinely or as any compliance questions arise. When your organization is subject to review, IPERS attempts to schedule time with you at least one week in advance. Most often, a compliance officer will first ask you to provide various records to IPERS and then follow up with an on-site compliance review. 

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Employee Data Security
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Data protection is everyone's responsibility. By keeping personal data secure, we can help prevent identity theft. 
When you need to provide confidential data (for example, employee SSNs and dates of birth) to IPERS, we recommend using ShareFile. While you use I-Que to submit your monthly wage reports to IPERS, ShareFile can be used any other time you have sensitive information to provide to IPERS, such as for wage adjustments.

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