Benefits Advisory Committee

Top Component

The Iowa Legislature created the Benefits Advisory Committee (BAC) to consider and make recommendations about member benefits and services to IPERS and the legislature.

The BAC is an important communication link among Iowa’s public employee, employer, and retiree communities; IPERS’ administrators; the governor; and lawmakers. The BAC interacts with these groups and conducts studies when recommending law changes and other actions that will ensure IPERS continues to meet the needs of Iowa’s public employees.

BAC Membership

The Committee represents major member, employer and retiree associations and includes members with extensive experience in education, public safety, workforce development, human resources and other disciplines. While Iowa law names the constituent groups to serve on the BAC, each association chooses its BAC representative.

The Committee includes nine voting members; seven are elected by the Committee membership. The voting members serve three-year terms and include:  

  • Four members who represent IPERS-covered employers, one of whom must be the director of the Iowa Department of Administrative Services.
  • Four members who represent IPERS members.
  • A public member who is not a member of IPERS.