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IPERS death benefits provide financial protection to eligible beneficiaries. They are designed to ease the financial strain that may follow the death of a loved one. 

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Preretirement Death Benefits
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IPERS provides death benefits if a member dies before he/she receives IPERS retirement benefits. The type of benefits depend on the beneficiary(ies) and whether the member is vested.

  • If the member is not vested: Regardless of the number of beneficiary(ies), death benefits are paid as a lump sum. 
  • If the member is vested: If only one individual is the beneficiary, the beneficiary may choose between a lump-sum payment or a lifetime monthly benefit. If the monthly benefit is less than $50 the benefit is paid as a lump sum.
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Stopping Monthly Benefits for Retirees

If a member dies during retirement, the benefit payments stop the month of the member’s death. (For example, if a member dies in July, the last monthly pension payment will be made at the end of July.) 

If any additional retirement benefit payments are made after the month of the member’s death, these payments must be returned to IPERS.

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