Returning to Work

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If you return to IPERS-covered employment after you retire, it may affect your IPERS benefits.

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Before You Return to Work
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It’s a good idea to contact IPERS before you return to work. Our team can answer your questions and help you understand the potential implications of reentering the workforce. 

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Bona Fide Retirement

IPERS members who retire and receive benefits before age 70 must have a bona fide retirement before they may return to work.


  • You have submitted a retirement application and IPERS has approved it.
  • You have left employment with all IPERS-covered employers, including non-covered positions with covered employers. 
  • You are receiving benefits.
  • You have followed the time restrictions for providing services for an IPERS-covered employer (see chart below).


  • Working for a covered employer after age 70
    If you are older than age 70, you may receive IPERS benefits while working for an IPERS-covered employer. After you end employment with an IPERS-covered employer, contact IPERS and apply for a recomputation of benefits.
  • Reaching age 72
    If you are no longer working for an IPERS-covered employer, you must begin receiving IPERS benefits by April 1 the year after you turn age 72.
  • Iowa National Guard members
    You can be called to state duty during the bona fide retirement period without any benefit penalty.
  • Part-time elected officials
    You may start receiving benefits while in office. When you intend to retire, please notify IPERS in writing of your intent to end all covered employment and end IPERS coverage for your elected position.

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